European Tour 2009

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17 Responses to “European Tour 2009”

  1. COME TO NORTH CAROLINA!!!!! please

  2. hi friends!! you play in zarautz on may 23!! in our big squat!

    see you and take care


  3. Manchester is the 16th, confirmed for Retro Bar (Sackville St in the city centre) 8pm start, £5 in please 🙂

  4. Mike Reins Says:

    We’re setting up the gig in Galway for yous. Can’t wait to play with yous. It’s going to be All-Ages and amazing!

  5. my band is playing with you in wycombe, super excited!

  6. See you in High Wycombe! Should be a good un and I’d be more then up for showing you around the place after the tour. Looking foward to this.

    Anyways High Wycombe details….

    Monday June 15th, The Roundabout, High Wycombe, £5, 7pm

    Crass records style peace punk from San Fransico, California, ex Crimpshine

    The Sceptres
    Poppy 77 punk without the pop punk, members of Shitty Limits

    Like Grenades
    Jerry’s Kids style hardcore from the South Coast members of Whole In The Head

    Can’t Relate
    New South Bucks & London hardcore ala Negative Approach, ex A Life Backwards

  7. Pablo vaso Says:

    Hi! See you in zaragoza!

  8. Hi!
    Finally deposito de cadaveres is not playing in zarautz with you and we will play (HYÖKKÄIS) so see you there!
    Say hello to cristophe as soon as you arrive to the tour for my part!

  9. hi friends!!! thank you for play in zarautz’s squat!! great show and nice people!!!

    see you and take care!!


    abuelo & diskoirää crew

  10. […] There Is No War 7″ EP out soon! Get it from La Vida Es Un Mus or pick it up at one of our European tour dates in May/June […]

  11. Jim Curran Says:

    Paul agus Ariel deoch beoir a ól ó mé nGaillimh.

  12. come back to dublin need to see ya

  13. Really enjoyed your set last night, and the whole show indeed.
    I hope I didn’t mess up the recording, I was pretty drunk by the end of it all.

  14. you guys were great live in brighton and london. it was nice seeing a good passionate political band. so good i copped the e.p which is great too. hope you come back to uk soon.

  15. hello
    it was a real pleasure to meet you in le mans.. really nice concert and nice in this little house in countryside
    tiairy for richard durn and rosapark crew

  16. That show was awesome! Thanks for everything. Getting to see the countryside (and drink chouchen with you guys). I hope we can come back someday, or that you can visit us in California.

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