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7 Responses to “Lyrics”

  1. Can you guys post What If? on here?

  2. […] asteburuko kontzertuak izango ditugu protagonista. Alde batetik larunbatean Semen + Hyökkäys + Surrender taldeen kontzertu paregabea izango dugu Putzuzulo gaztetxean 22tatik […]

  3. kenny paleface Says:

    paper thrones is one of the most refreshing things I’ve heard this year..unfortunately I slept on the tour but I will be keepin tabs now.

  4. kenny paleface Says:

    sucks I missed the tour though I guess I slept on it..doesnt look like you guys played Baltimore anyways but I think we coulda made the trip up to Philly for you..I’ll try to stay on top of this stuff from now on.

  5. Kenny paleface Says:

    wish somebody would post ‘there is no war’ ep on here..I got the 7″ but I really wanna get it on a cd.

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